ES-60 MB Electromanyetic Anti Drone Gun

Anti Drone Gun

The use of drones has prolifirated in recent years due to their low price accessibility. Besides their application in search & rescue surveillance by law enforcement agencies the military, they are also being widely used for commercial, hobby even terrorism purposes. Because of their compact size the ability to fly at high altitudes, drones are very difficult targets to shoot down with conventional means such as small firearms rifles.

With SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) analysis and a user oriented development focus, we ensure capabilities that match the requirements and operational needs of police and security officers. Harp is determined to reduce SWaP, and the ES-60 MB is developed to be the toughest, one of the lightest, and power-efficient Counter UAS jammer available on the market at a costeffective price.

Designed By Aytekin Güçlü