ES-60 Electromanyetic Anti Drone Gun

Anti Drone Gun

The use of drones has prolifirated in recent years due to their low price accessibility. Besides their application in search & rescue surveillance by law enforcement agencies the military, they are also being widely used for commercial, hobby even terrorism purposes. Because of their compact size the ability to fly at high altitudes, drones are very difficult targets to shoot down with conventional means such as small firearms rifles.

The use of firearms to stop these threats can be dangerous to public health safety, especially during crowded public gatherings such as concerts, sporting events other organisations. Anti Drone Gun applies high speed electromagnetic interference to disrupt communications between the drone its control unit resulting in the drones malfunction.

With the ability to function silently immediately without negative consequences to human health, public safety the environment, Anti Drone Gun jammer provides the most effective solution to combatting rogue drones.

The  Anti Drone Gun electromagnetic jamming weapon is solely provided to government agencies due to regulations.

Attention, There is no backpack! Everything included in the gun!

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